2023 KITS-ShanghaiTech Summer School

  • Published: 2023-07-04

Time: Aug. 6 – Aug. 18, 2023

Location: ShanghaiTech University


About the Summer School:

This summer school is jointly hosted by the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Sciences (KITS) of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the School of Physical Science and Technology of ShanghaiTech University. The summer school aims at exposing students and postdocs to the frontiers in theoretical high energy physics and introducing to them the basic research techniques. The area is broadly quantum field theory and string theory, with an emphasis on non-perturbative aspects. The topics include: Conformal field theory, conformal bootstrap and S-matrix bootstrap, AdS/CFT, supersymmetric CFTs, scattering amplitudes, integrability, application of CFT in QCD and collider physics etc. The school consists of regular lectures on specific topics (each contains a series of four lectures) and public lectures. There is also a poster session for interested students and postdocs. 


Regular lectures:

Nadav Drukker (King’s College London)

Bo Feng (Zhejiang University)

Yunfeng Jiang (Southeast University)

Rajesh Gopakumar (ICTS Bangalore)

Petr Kravchuk (King’s College London)

Martin Kruczenski (Purdue University)

Balt van Rees (Ecole Polytechnique)

Masahito Yamazaki (IPMU, Tokyo University)

Hua Xing Zhu (Zheliang University)


Public lectures:

Nadav Drukker: King’s College London

Hermann  Nicolai (Max Planck Institute, Potsdam)

Anthony Zee (KITP, Santa Barbara)

More details of the Summer School can be found here.


SummerSchool Poster






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