Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Published: 2017-01-13

(In alphabetic order by surnames)



Leon Balents.jpg


  Leon Balents

  Member of KITP at University of California, Santa Barbara







william bialek.jpg


  William Bialek

  Prof. in the Dept. of Physics, MIT  

  Email: wbialek at







  Zhong Fang

  Deputy director of Institute of Physics, CAS

  Email: zfang at






Tao Han


  Tao Han

  Prof. of High Energy Physics, Director of PITT PACC, University of Pittsburgh

  Email: than at 








Photo Shamit Kachru 2


  Shamit Kachru

  Prof. of Physics, Director

  Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics







ouyang zhongcan.jpg


   Zhong-Can Ou Yang

  Member of Institute for Theoretical Physics, CAS 

  Prof. in the Dept. of Physical Sciences, USTC.







 T. M. Rice.jpg

  Thomas Maurice Rice

  Prof. in Institute for Theoretical Physics, ETH Zürich

  Email: maurice.rice at







chao Tang


  Chao Tang

  Prof. in Peking University








troyer.person image


  Matthias Troyer

  Principal Researcher at Microsoft

  Prof. at ETH Zurich







  Xiao-Gang Wen

  Dept. of Physics, MIT

  Email: wen at







frank wilczek.jpg


   Frank Wilczek

  2004 Nobel Price in Physics, Prof. of Physics at MIT








 Tao xiang2.jpg 

  Tao Xiang

  Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

  Email: txiang at








  Xin-Cheng Xie

  Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee of KITS

  Chair Prof. of Physics, Dean of School of Physics, PKU

  Email: xcxie at






weitao yang


  Wei-Tao Yang

  Prof. of Chemistry at Duke University

  Email: weitao.yang at 








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