Classification of 3D Symmetry-Enriched Topological phases (Apr. 13, 2018)

  • Published: 2018-04-11

Speaker: Peng Ye (UIUC)



In this talk, I will introduce the strategy to classification of 3D (three spatial dimension) symmetry-enriched topological phases (SET). Especially, in order to classify 3D SETs with Abelian gauge group and Abelian symmetry group, I will introduce the two sets of data: 3D braiding statistics (i.e., topological order) and symmetry enrichment, through topological field theoretical approach and thought experiments.


Related reference: 1801.01638, see also: 1610.08645, 1609.00985, 1508.05689.


Invited by: Long Zhang (Kavli ITS, UCAS)


Time: 10:00am, April 13 (Fri.), 2018

Venue: Rm. N208, UCAS Teaching Building [View Map]