Floquet Engineering of Quantum Materials (Jun. 19, 2018)

  • Published: 2018-06-13

Speaker: Takashi Oka (Max Planck institute PKS and CPfS)

Floquet engineering, the control of quantum systems using periodic driving, is an old concept in condensed matter physics, dating back to ideas such as the inverse Faraday effect. However, there is a renewed interest in this concept owing to the rapid developments in laser and ultrafast spectroscopy techniques and discovery and understanding of various "quantum materials" hosting interesting exotic quantum properties[1].

In this talk, I will discuss recent applications of Floquet engineering in ultrafast, nonlinear phenomena in the solid state. In particular, Floquet topological states, application to ultrafast spintronics, and to strongly correlated electron systems are explained.

[1] T. Oka, S. Kitamura, arXiv:1804.03212


Time & Date: 16:00, Jun. 19 (Tue.), 2018

Venue: Rm. N406, UCAS Teaching Building [View Map]