Majorana search and topologically protected quantum computation: Challenges and progress (Sep. 11, 2018)

  • Published: 2018-09-10

Speaker: Prof. Dong Liu

                Department of Physics, Tsinghua University



Topological materials provide a protection from decoherence at the hardware level by using emergent non-Abelian anyons. The simplest non-Abelian anyon involves a defect that binds a Majorana zero-energy mode, predicted to appear quite naturally in certain superconducting systems. I will review recent progress in the Majorana search, and the challenges in the validation of Majorana devices. Later I will introduce a simple measurement scheme to overcome the problem, and show robust, clear, and universal experimental signatures of Majorana zero modes. I will also discuss a serious type of errors in general topological quantum computation and Majorana qubit. Diabatic corrections only vanish as a power-law function with the length of time for the braid. This power-law behavior can wash out the advantages of topological quantum computation. We found that such diabatic errors can be detected and corrected by applying a sequence of parity measurements.


Time:  10:30am, September 11 (Tue.), 2018

Venue: S102, Kavli ITS [View Map]