Topological superconductivity from doping symmetry protected topological phase (Jun. 15, 2019)

  • Published: 2019-06-11

Time: 14:30, Jun. 15 (Sat.), 2019

Venue: Rm. S401, Kavli ITS Meeting Room, UCAS [View Map]


Speaker: Dr. Shang-Qiang Ning (IAS, Tsinghua)



Strongly interacting fermionic system can fall in nontrivial Mott insulators whose spin degrees of freedom forming bosonic symmetry protected topological (SPT) state, which one can call bosonic-SPT embedded fermionic phase. In this talk,  we illustrate an exotic scenario that topological superconductivity shows up in such a fermionic phase when it is doped away from commensurate filling.  Specifically, we study an example where the spin degrees of freedom form a Haldane phase. Via doping, p-wave topological superconductivity is induced and is coexisting with the symmetry protected spin edge modes inherited from the Haldane phase.  Above scenario is verified via density matrix renormalization of a concrete lattice model, where we find that the topological superconductivity is robust until very strong interactions causing phase separation.


Speaker invited by: Jian-Jian Miao