In Pursuit of Majorana Zero Modes in High-Tc Iron-based Superconductors (Jul. 22, 2020)

  • Published: 2020-07-18

Time: 09:30 am (UTC/GMT+08:00, Beijing/Shanghai), Jul. 22 (Wedn.), 2020

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Speaker: Dr. Xian-Xin Wu (Penn State Univ.)



Recently iron base superconductors have been identified as a novel platform for realizing Majorana zero modes (MZMs), due to their intrinsic topological properties and high Tc superconductivity. In this talk, I will first briefly review their topological properties and then discuss the magnetic field dependent behaviors of MZMs trapped in vortices and MZMs end states in intrinsic line defects of Fe(Te,Se). Finally, I will talk about the promising high-order topological superconducting phases in Fe(Te,Se) monolayers with an inplane magnetic field and in 112 family of iron pnictides. Especially, in the latter case, the appearance of corner MZMs will provide the smoking gun evidence for s±-wave pairing in the iron pnictides.