Higher rank FZZ-dualities (Dec. 3, 2020)

  • Published: 2020-11-09

Time: 14:00 (UTC/GMT+08:00, Beijing/Shanghai), Dec. 3 (Thur.), 2020

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Speaker: Yasuaki Hikida (Yukawa Inst., Kyoto Univ.)



In this talk, we explain our derivation of FZZ-duality and its generalizations. The FZZ-duality is a strong/weak duality in 2d CFT between 2d cigar model (sl(2)/u(1)coset) and sine-Liouville theory. We first give a proof of the FZZ0duality by applying the reduction method from sl(2) WZW model to Liouville theory and the self-duality of Liouville theory. We then generalize the FZZ0duality by replacing sl(2)/u(1) with sl(N+1)/(sl(N)xu(1)) and explain our stragety of derivation. We argue that the highter rank FZZ0duality is related to the duality of Gaiotto-Rapcak corner VOAs.