Quasisymmetry Groups and Many-Body Scar Dynamics (Apr. 30, 2021)

  • Published: 2021-04-26

Time: 10:00am (UTC/GMT+8:00, Beijing/Shanghai), Apr. 30 (Fri.), 2021

Venue: Rm. 830, M Building, Institute of Physics, CAS


Speaker: Fang, Chen (IOP, CAS)


In quantum systems, a subspace spanned by degenerate eigenvectors of the Hamiltonian may have higher symmetries than those of the Hamiltonian itself. When this enhanced-symmetry group can be generated from local operators, we call it a quasisymmetry group. When the group is a Lie group, an external field coupled to certain generators of the quasisymmetry group lifts the degeneracy, and results in exactly periodic dynamics within the degenerate subspace, namely, the many-body-scar dynamics (given that Hamiltonian is nonintegrable). We provide two related schemes for constructing one-dimensional spin models having on-demand quasisymmetry groups, with exact periodic evolution of a prechosen product or matrix-product state under external fields.


Invited by Prof, S. H. Jiang