Penrose Limit: A Stringy Regime in Holography (Oct. 22, 2021)

  • Published: 2021-10-07

Time:  14:00  (UTC/GMT+8:00, Beijing/Shanghai), Oct. 22 (Fri.) , 2021

Venue: 4th floor meeting room, Kavli ITS Building, UCAS Zhongguancun Campus [View Map]

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Meeting ID: 828 6294 9423

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Speaker: Minxin Huang (USTC)



Penrose limit provides a promising avenue to the stringy regime in the AdS/CFT holography, giving rise to the pp-wave background. Recently, we proposed a novel entry of the pp-wave holographic dictionary, which equated the Berenstein-Maldacena-Nastase (BMN) two-point functions in free Yang-Mills theory with the norm squares of the quantum unitary transition amplitudes between the corresponding tensionless strings. If our proposal is correct, it would not only provide first examples of systematic calculations of the higher genus critical superstring amplitudes, but may also in principle gives exact complete results for any string coupling, due to the convergence of genus expansion.