TsT, black holes, and irrelevant deformations (Dec. 1, 2021)

  • Published: 2021-11-29

Time:  10:00am  (UTC/GMT+8:00, Beijing/Shanghai), Dec. 1 (Wedn.) , 2021

Zoom URL: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82516408425?pwd=TmI3emNaUVR0RjZQUUpRSE9tcWE1Zz09

Meeting ID: 825 1640 8425

Password: 248437


Speaker: Wei Song (Tshinghua)



I will describe a class of toy models of holographic duality beyond the AdS/CFT correspondence. The starting point is IIB string theory on AdS3 with NS-NS three form flux, which is holographically dual to a two dimensional CFT. Performing TsT transformations( T-duality, shift, and T-duality) in the bulk, we can obtain black black solutions which interpolate BTZ black holes in the IR and linear dilaton background in the UV. The holographic dual is conjectured to be a single trace TTbar deformed CFT. As supporting evidence, we find a matching of the deformed spectrum, the thermodynamics, and a critical value of the deformation parameter. Similarly, TsT transformations can also be used to generate the holographic dual for the single trace version of JTbar, and TTbar+JTbar+TJbar deformations.