Critical phenomena in dynamical scalarization of charged black holes (Apr. 13, 2022)

  • Published: 2022-04-11

Time: 10:00-12:00 (UTC/GMT+8:00, Beijing/Shanghai), Apr. 13 (Wedn.), 2022

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Meeting Room ID: 774-677-679

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Speaker: Cheng-Yong Zhang (JNU)



We report a new black hole scalarization mechanism and disclose novel dynamical critical phenomena in the process of the nonlinear accretion of the scalar field into black holes. The accretion process can transform a seed black hole into a final scalarized or bald black hole, depending on the initial parameter of the scalar field.  There is a critical parameter and near it all intermediate solutions are attracted to a critical solution and stay there for a long time. At late times, the solutions evolve into badl/scalarized black holes for subcritical/supercritical cases. The final masses of the resulting scalarized/bald black holes satisfy a power-law.