Interior Structure and Complexity Growth Rate of Holographic Superconductor from M-Theory (Sep. 23, 2022)

  • Published: 2022-09-22

Time: Sep.23 (Friday) 13 pm — 15 pm.

Tencent Meeting: 795-5992-5570


Speaker: Yusen An (Fudan University)



In this talk, I will first introduce a kind of top-down holographic superconductor model. And next I will discuss its novel interior structure. After proving no Cauchy horizon theorem in this background, we  numerically investigate the dynamical behavior of various field inside the horizon. We find the ER collapse behavior near the would-be Cauchy horizon and after that we find the oscillation of the scalar field which is so-called “Josephson oscillation”. For large z, the metric takes the Kasner form which is consistent with “BKL” conjecture. We also find Kasner inversion and Kasner transition behavior when approaching the singularity. After knowing the interior structure, we investigate if boundary physics can capture this interior structure. Especially, we investigate the complexity growth rate using CA duality and CV duality, while CV complexity fails to capture the interesting dynamics inside the horizon, CA complexity is sensitive to the absence of the inner horizon, and may also reflect the ER collapse behavior.