Black Hole in dS3 (Oct. 7, 2022)

  • Published: 2022-10-06

Time: Oct.7 (Friday) 13 pm - 15 pm.
Tencent Meeting: 795-5992-5570


Speaker: Shaohua Xue (PKU)



In three-dimensional de Sitter space classical black hole do not exist, and the Schwarzschild-de Sitter solution instead describes a conical defect with a single cosmological horizon. We can introduce quantum backreaction of conformal fields to generate a black hole horizon based on brane holography, leading to a three-dimensional quantum de Sitter black hole. Then we will analyze the thermodynamic of this solution. Finally, we can discuss the holographic dual description for dS spacetimes as seen from the braneworld perspective. The talk is main based on the 2207.03302.