AdS/BCFT from Conformal Bootstrap: Construction of Gravity with Branes and Particles (Nov. 4, 2022)

  • Published: 2022-11-03

Time: 13:00, 11/04/2022

Tencent Meeting: 795-5992-5570


Speaker: Wen-Bin Pan (UCAS)



We initiate a conformal bootstrap program to study AdS3/BCFT2 with heavy excitations. We start by solving the bootstrap equations associated with two-point functions of scalar/non-scalar primaries under the assumption that one-point functions vanish. These correspond to gravity with a brane and a non-spinning/spinning particle where the brane and the particle do not intersect with each other. From the bootstrap equations, we obtain the energy spectrum and the modified black hole threshold. We then carefully analyze the gravity duals and find the results perfectly match the BCFT analysis. In particular, brane self-intersections, which are usually considered to be problematic, are nicely avoided by the black hole formation. Despite the assumption to solve the bootstrap equations, one-point functions of scalar primaries can be non-zero in general. We construct the holographic dual for a non-vanishing one-point function, in which the heavy particle can end on the brane, by holographically computing the Renyi entropy in AdS/BCFT. As a bonus, we find a refined formula for the holographic Renyi entropy, which appears to be crucial to correctly reproduce the boundary entropy term. On the other hand, we explain why one-point functions of non-scalar primaries always vanish from the gravity dual. (arXiv: 2210.03107)