Coupled-chain analysis of Kitaev materials (May 16, 2023)

  • Published: 2023-05-14

Time: 10:00 am, May 16 (Tuesday), 2023 
Place: Room 401, No. 7 Building, UCAS Zhong-Guan-Cun Campus (中关村东路80号)


Speaker: Prof. Yang, Wang (Nankai University)



Kitaev spin-1/2 materials on the honeycomb lattice are a class of candidate materials that can potentially be used for realizing topological quantum computations. Existing Kitaev materials exhibit magnetic orders at low temperatures, including zigzag, counter-rotating spiral, and triple-Q orders, among others. In this talk, I will discuss our recent progress in understanding the magnetic orders in Kitaev materials through a coupled-chain analysis.


In the first part of the talk, I will start with a single Kitaev-Gamma spin-1/2 chain and show that an extended gapless phase with emergent SU(2)1 symmetry exists. Using this as a starting point, we studied the Kitaev-Heisenberg-Gamma chain and found a gapless phase and a ferromagnetic phase. In the second part, I will describe how we extended these 1D findings to 2D by connecting 1D chains and using a self-consistent mean field approach. This method successfully explains the zigzag order in alpha-RuCl3 and Na2IrO3, and counter-rotating spiral order in alpha-Li2IrO3, based on a nearest-neighbor model without needing more complex interactions.



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