Characterization of computational power in measurement-based quantum computation in one-dimensional qudit systems (Jul. 13, 2023)

  • Published: 2023-07-11

Time: July, 13 (Thursday), 14:00
Place: Rm 401, 7th Buidling, UCAS Zhongguancun Campus (中关村东路80号7号楼401)


Speaker: Prof. Yang, Wang (Nankai University)


An important progress in the field of measurement-based quantum computation (MBQC) in the past decade is the discovery of one-dimensional (1D) symmetry protected topological states as MBQC resource states. In a recent work [arXiv:2210.05089] by Robert Raussendorf et. al., a deep connection between string order parameters in condensed matter physics and a computational order parameter for MBQC is found, where the computational order parameter can be used to quantitatively characterize the computational power of a many-body spin-1/2 system. In this talk, I will discuss the generalization of the framework to qudit systems, and show that the computational order parameter exactly matches with the conventional string order parameter.