Mirror Symmetry Revisited: Toward New 4D Dualities (Nov. 29, 2023)

  • Published: 2023-11-22

Time: 10:00-12:00, 2023/11/29

Location: Room 401, 7th building, KITS, UCAS


Speaker: Chiung Hwang (Hefei, CUST and PCFT, Hefei)



In this talk, I discuss intimate relations among different supersymmetric dualities in 3 and 4-dimensional spacetime and how to extend them to find new dualities. I especially focus on mirror symmetry, a famous example of 3d supersymmetric dualities first proposed by Intriligator and Seiberg in 1996. Recently, many novel properties of 3d mirror symmetry and connections to other dualities have been found, as one of which, I introduce new 4-dimensional supersymmetric dualities that turn out to be the higher-dimensional parents of the known 3d mirror and SL(2, Z) dualities.