Space-time crystal and space-time group symmetry (Jul. 28, 2017)

  • Published: 2017-07-28

Topic: Space-time crystal and space-time group symmetry

Speaker:Congjun Wu, University of California, San Diego



Crystal structures and the Bloch theorem play a fundamental role in condensed matter physics. We propose "space-time" crystals exhibiting the general intertwined space-time periodicities in D+1 dimensions, which include the Floquet lattice systems as a special case. Their crystal symmetry structures are described by "space-time" groups. Compared to space and magnetic groups, they are augmented by "time-screw" rotations and "time-glide" reflections involving fractional time translations. A complete classification of the 13 space-time groups in 1+1D is performed. Kramers-type degeneracy can arise from space-time symmetries without the half-integer spinor structure, which constrains the winding number patterns of spectral dispersions. In 2+1D, non-symmorphic space-time symmetries enforce spectral degeneracies, leading to protected Floquet semi-metal states. Our work provides a general framework for further studying topological properties of the D+1 dimensional space-time crystals.



congjun wu



Time: 15:00, Jul. 28 (Fri.), 2017

Location: Room 306, KITS, UCAS Zhong-Guan-Cun Campus (No. 3 Zhonguancun Nanyitiao),  Beijing