The Kavli Foundation Delegates' Visit at the Kavli ITS

  • Published: 2017-05-08

On May 5, 2017, Dr. Miyoung Chun, Executive Vice President of Science Programs and Dr. Christopher L. Martin, Science Program Officer at the Kavli Foundation, visited the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Sciences (Kavli ITS) at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS).  Vice President of UCAS, Gang Su, warmly welcomed the delegates on behalf of President Zhong-Li Ding. Director Fu-Chun Zhang, Associate Directors Gang Su and Xiao-Song Chen, and Assistant Director Jiang-Ping Hu met the Foundation delegates at the Kavli ITS office.


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Dr. Chun and Dr. Martin visiting Kavli ITS office

(From Left: Fu-Chun Zhang, Jiang-Ping Hu, Christopher Martin, Miyoung Chun, Xiao-Song Chen, Gang, Su)


Dr. Chun and Dr. Martin congratulated to the success of the Kavli ITS reformulation and its kick off Forum in March. Director Zhang reported to the delegates the recent progress and future plan of the institute. The Foundation delegates and Kavli ITS faculties then discussed some detailed issues in establishing the institute. Dr. Chun shared valuable experience of other successful Kavli Institutes and gave her best wishes of building the Kavli ITS into a world-first class institute.


Zhang indicated that it will be a key for the success of the Kavli ITS to recruit high-quality scientists to conduct the high level in-house research, and the Kavli ITS must be international. At the same time, the Kavli ITS will also serve as a platform for scientists in China and abroad with best research environment and rich resources and opportunities.


Dr. Chun also emphasized the importance of research outputs, and quoted the mission of the Kavli Foundation, as to ‘dedicate to advancing science for the benefit of humanity’.


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(From Left: Tracy Jin, Jiang-Ping Hu, Gang Su, Miyoung Chun, Fu-Chun Zhang, Christopher Martin, Xiao-Song Chen, Ke-Yan Zhang)


The delegates visited the site of the planned future Kavli ITS building at UCAS Yanqi campus. During their visit, Hong-Jun Gao, Director General of Bureau of Frontier Sciences and Education, Chinese Academy of Sciences met the delegates. 




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