Rudolf Podgornik

  • Published: 2018-03-29

Rudolf PodgornikRudolf Podgornik




Faculty in School of Physics, UCAS


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Research Interest

    My research in the year 2019 was focused on several topics. In the framework of advanced theories of electrostatic effects in soft matter systems, I was specifically analyzing the charge regulation of proteins, as well as non-mean-field effects in description of macroion solution and electrolytes. In the context of dynamic and active matter theories, I was considering the mean-field theory of active electrolytes and the effects of external driving on confined fluids. In the context of polymer solution theory, I was analyzing the splay–density coupling and the acoustic and osmotic birefringence in semiflexible main-chain nematic polymers. In the context of the Casimir physics, I was considering the surface anchoring duality in smectic-A liquid crystals and the path integrals for higher derivative field-actions. In the context of the physical virology I was analyzing the pH-induced morphological changes and the hidden symmetry of proteinaceous viral shells, as well as the spontaneous domain formation of elastic filaments like DNA in virus capsids. In the field of the physics of DNA I was studying the molecular mechanism and binding of doxorubicin, the orientational transition and complexation of short DNA fragments with anionic membranes and the solution ordering of fragmented DNA analogs such as observed in mono nucleotide self-assembly.


Selected Recent Publications

[1] Tine Curk, James Daniel Farrell, Jure Dobnikar, and Rudolf Podgornik. Spontaneous Domain Formation in Spherically Confined Elastic Filaments. Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 047801 (2019). 

*see research highlight for details.

[2] D.S. Dean, B. Miao and R. Podgornik. Path integrals for higher derivative actions. J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 52 505003 (2019).








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