Topological Matter & Quantum Computing (May 4-6, 2018)

  • Published: 2018-03-19

May 4-6, 2018

Kavli ITS, UCAS, Beijing



Recently, there have been great progresses in the theoretical understanding and experiment evidence of topological states, and Majorana zero mode, which could be used as building block of topological quantum computation.  In this workshop, some of the major players in this field will share their recent theoretical ideas and experimental progress. 


The workshop will be a kick-off event for the recently established “CAS Center for Excellence on Topological Quantum Computation”.  The speakers of the workshop will include both members of the Center who are actively working in the field and some of the top experts abroad.  There will be in-depth discussions concerning possible roadmap of particularly proposed topological quantum computing.




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Conference Program


May 4, Friday

Fu-Chun Zhang

(Kavli ITS)

[Opening session] Slides Video

Xiao-Gang Wen


Non-Abelain Topological Orders Slides Video

Liang Fu


(TBA) Slides Video

Hao Zhang

(Delft Univ. Technol)

Majorana nanowires and topological quantum computation Slides Video

Jin-Feng Jia


Majorana zero mode inside vortex of topological superconductors Slides Video

Hong Ding


Majorana bound state in iron-based superconductor Fe(Te, Se) Slides Video

Xiao Hu

(NIMS, Japan)

Topological metamaterials towards robust quantum computation Slides Video

Hong-Wen Jiang


Experimental creation/detection of single skyrmions and its possible applications in quantum computing Slides Video

Sadamichi Maekawa

(RIKEN, Japan)

Spin mechatronics – Mechanical effects on spintronics Slides Video

Yu-Lin Chen


Topological electronic structures in metallic phases Slides Video

Li Lu


Search for Majorana zero modes in Josephson devices constructed on Bi2Te3 surface Slides Video

Bob Joynt

(Kavli ITS/Wisconsin)

Speedup of the Quantum Adiabatic Algorithm by Topological Cancellation Slides Video

Hao-Hua Wang

(Zhejiang Univ.)

Multi-qubit superconducting quantum circuits Slides Video
May 5, Saturday

Qi-Kun Xue

(Tsinghua Univ.)

New progress in quantum anomalous Hall effect Slides Video

Rui-Rui Du


Prospecting InAs/GaSb Platform for Topological Quantum Computing Slides Video

Xin Liu


Braiding Majorana zero modes in spin space: from worldline to worldribbon Slides Video

Shou-Cheng Zhang

(Stanford Univ.)

Discovery of chiral Majorana fermion and its application to topological quantum computing Slides Video

Qing-Lin He


Quantization of chiral Majorana fermions: Quantum transport and Interference Slides Video

Jing Xia

(UC Irvine)

Evidence for chiral Majorana edge modes Slides Video

Meng Cheng

(Yale Univ.)

Symmetry-enforced genons Slides Video

Xi Dai


Chiral hinge states and surface quantum anomalous Hall effect in ferromagnetic axion insulators Slides Video

Bing-Hai Yan

(Weizmann Inst. of Science)

Berry phase induced higher order responses in topological materials Slides Video

Zhen-Yu Zhang


Towards Materials Realization of Topological Superconductivity Slides Video

Shun-Qing Shen


Intrinsic Magnetoresistivity in Three-Dimensional Dirac Materials Slides Video

Chen Fang


Quantitative mappings from symmetry to topology in band structures Slides Video
May 6, Sunday

Wei Pan

(Sandia Nat Lab, USA)

New Results in Dirac Semimetals Slides Video

Kun Yang

(Florida State Univ.)

Interplay of Topology and Geometry in Fractional Quantum Hall Liquids Slides Video

Xi Lin


3/2 fractional quantum Hall plateau in a single layer two-dimensional electron gas Slides Video

Jian-Hua Zhao


Robust manipulation of magnetic property of (Ga, Mn)As & high-quality low dimensional semiconductor-based topological quantum materials

Slides Video

Mamoru Matsuo

(Kavli ITS)

Spin hydrodynamic generation in graphene Slides Video

Kai-You Wang


Towards all electrically control ferromagnets by spin orbit torques at room temperature Slides Video

Long Zhang

(Kavli ITS)

Characterizing quantum phase transitions of symmetry protected topological phases with surface critical behavior Slides Video




Dates: May 4 - May 6, 2018

Venue: Kavli ITS, UCAS

Address: UCAS Teaching Building

               No. 3 Zhong-Guan-Cun Nan-Yi-Tiao Rd, Haidian Dist., Beijing [View map]