Topological States and Phase Transitions in Strongly Correlated Systems (Jul. 3 - 21, 2017)

  • Published: 2017-01-25

Jul. 3rd _ Jul. 21th, 2017

Beijing, China


Local coordinators:               Chen Fang, Zi Yang Meng and Fa Wang

International coordinators:   Liang Fu, Kai Sun and Yi-Zhuang You


The study of phases of matter is a central theme in physics, and has been evolving in parallel with our improved understanding, via new concepts and methods, of many-body systems. In the past decade, the discipline has seen spectacular progress in the research of topological states, phases of matter that are beyond the Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson symmetry-breaking paradigm, but characterized by new types of global quantum numbers. Topological states host many a fascinating phenomenon such as robust edge states and fractional excitations. The exotic material properties make topological states an ideal platform for quantum computation and other technical applications. In the last several years, there has been a surge of new ideas and methods in theories for these states, and experimental discoveries of topological states of matter have also made great impact. The purpose of this Conference is to bring together leading experts to share their exciting discoveries and insights in this vigorous field, providing a venue for discussion and collaboration. 

The main topics of this Conference include (i) topological classification of strongly interacting systems, (ii) topological phase transitions and (iii) experimental realization of topological orders. Topic-(i) consists of the new developments in the classification of symmetry protected topological states and symmetry enriched topological orders with local and spatial symmetries; topic-(ii) encompasses the analytical and numerical studies of quantum phase transitions between distinct topological states, of phase transitions featuring deconfined quantum criticality, and the development in 2+1d duality that unifies certain phase transitions; and topic-(iii) involves experimental characterization of topological orders such as spin liquid and spin ice candidates.



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Conference Program



                    SPT:      Symmetry protected topological states

                    QSL:      Quantum spin liquid

                    DQC:     Deconfined quantum criticality

                    QSI:       Quantum spin ice

                    ITF:        Interacting topological fermion systems

                    SET:      Symmetry enriched topological orders

                    TSC:      Topological superconductors

Jul. 3

Fu-Chun Zhang


Welcome Speech  

Xie Chen


Fracton topological orders Slides Video

Lukasz Fidkowski

(Stony Brook Univ.)

Topological phases in driven systems and quantum information flow Slides Video

Takashi Imai

(McMaster Univ.)

Single crystal NMR investigation of the kagome lattice in herbertsmithite Slides Video
Jul. 4

Shuo Yang

(Perimeter Institute)

Lattice model constructions for gapless domain walls of topological phases Slides Video

Yizhi You


Fractional Berry phase effect and composite particle hole liquid in partial filled Landau level bilayers Slides Video

Lu Li

(Univ. of Michigan)

Rotational Symmetry Breaking in a Trigonal Superconductor Nb-doped Bi3Se3 Slides Video

Kazushi Kanoda

(Tokyo Univ.)

Strongly correlated topological states in organics; quantum spin liquids and Weyl fermion phases Slides Video
Jul. 5 (SPT Day)

Ying Ran

(Boston College)

Symmetry enforced SPT phases Slides Video

Zheng-Cheng Gu


Towards a complete classification of symmetry protected topological phases for interacting fermions in three dimensions and a general group supercohomology theory Slides Video

Shinsei Ryu

(Chicago Univ.)

Many-body topological invariants for fermionic SPT phases Slides Video
Jul. 6 (QSL Day)

Tao Xiang


Gapless Spin-Liquid Ground State in the Kagome Heisenberg Antiferromagnet Slides Video

Tian-Heng Han

(Univ. of Chicago & Argonne)

Experiments on Kagome Quantum Spin Lquids

Slides Video

Bruce Gaulin

(McMaster Univ.)

Quantum Ground States in XY Pyrochlore Magnets Slides Video
Jul. 7 (DQC Day)

Anders Sandvik

(Boston Univ.)

Role of two length scales at the deconfined quantum-critical point Slides Video

Cenke Xu

(UC Santa Barbara)

Duality between 2+1d quantum critical points Slides Video

Wen-An Guo


Phases and phase transitions in the two-dimensional pure and disordered JQ models Slides Video
Jul. 10 (QSL Day)

Shi-Yan Li

(Fudan Univ.)

Heat transport study of spin liquid candidates Slides Video

Qing-Ming Zhang

(Renmin Univ.)

Exploring quantum spin-frustrated materials Slides Video

Yao Shen

(Fudan Univ.)

Spinon excitations in YbMgGaO4 Slides Video

Guang-Yu Guo


Magnetism and Chern Insulating Phase in Layered Oxides with Honeycomb and Triangular Lattices Slides Video
Jul. 11 (QSI Day)

Yuan Wan

(Perimeter Institute)

Spinon walk in quantum spin ice Slides Video

Shigeki Onoda


Quest to U(1) quantum spin liquids, valence bond solids, novel ordered phases in pyrochlores and spinels:  unconventional quasiparticles and interference effects Slides Video

Owen Benton


Instabilities of quantum spin ice state Slides Video
Jul. 12 (QSL Day)

Hai-Dong Zhou

(Tennessee Univ.)

Frustrated magnetism in layer compounds with triangular and kagome lattices Slides Video
Jia-Wei Mei (S. Univ. of Sci. and Tech.), Shi- Liang Li (IOP, CAS) & Zili Feng (IOP, CAS) Identifying a Gap in Kagome Spin Liquid: Properties of Cu(4-x)Zn(x)(OH)6FBr family Slides




Jul. 13 (ITF Day)

Akira Furusaki


Breakdown of free-fermion classification of topological insulators and Superconductors Slides Video

Fakher F. Assaad

(Universität Würzburg)

Lattice fermions coupled to a transverse Ising field. Slides Video

Hong Yao

(Tsinghua Uni.)

Fermion-induced quantum critical points and emergence of spacetime supersymmetry: renormalization-group and sign-problem-free QMC studies Slides Video
Jul. 14

Chong Wang

(Harvard Univ.)

A web of dualities in condensed matter physics: from quantum Hall effect to exotic quantum criticality Slides Video

Yuan-Ming Lu

(Ohio State Univ.)

Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorems for symmetry protected topological phases Slides Video

Yin-Chen He

(Harvard Uni.)

Kagome spin liquid Slides Video
Jul. 17 (SET Day)

Yang Qi


The folding trick for topological orders enriched by the mirror symmetry Slides Video

Meng Cheng

(Yale Univ.)

Anomalies intwo-dimensional symmetry-enriched topological phases Slides Video

Haruki Watanabe

(Univ. of Tokyo)

Complete Theory of Symmetry-based Indicators of Band Topology Slides Video
Jul. 18 (QSL Day)

Zheng-Xin Liu

(Renmin Univ.)

Quantum spin liquid states on Honeycomb lattice with Dirac spinons Slides Video

Jin-Sheng Wen

(Nanjin Univ.)

Investigations on α-RuCl3, a material proximate to the Kitaev quantum spin liquid Slides Video

Gang Chen

(Fudan Univ.)

Theoretical Progress in Kitaev Materials, Pyrochlore Iridates, and Quantum Spin Ice Slides Video
Jul. 19 (TSC Day)

Guo-Qing Zheng

(Okayama Uni.)

Quest for topological superconductivity Slides Video

Yu-Xuan Wang


Topological phase transitions in multi-component superconductors Slides Video

Jinwu Ye

(Mississippi State Univ. & Capita Normal Univ.)

Superfluids and transitions in Abelian and Non- Abelian flux in a square lattice Slides Video
Jul. 20

Adam Nahum


Emergent SO(5) symmetry and dualities at deconfined critical points Slides Video

Nic Shannon

(Okinawa Inst. of Sci. and Tech.)

Frustrating quantum spin ice Slides Video

Wei-Qiang Yu

(Renmin Univ.)

Pressure-induced and field-induced Magnetically Disordered State of a-RuCl3 Evidenced by NMR Slides Video
Jul. 21

Dong-Ning Sheng

(California State Univ., Northridge)

Possible Nematic Spin Liquid in Spin-$1$ Antiferromagnetic System on the Square Lattice: Implication for the Nematic Paramagnetic State of FeSe Slides Video

Hong-Hao Tu

(Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)

Universal entropy of conformal critical points on a Klein bottle Slides Video

Jeffery Teo

(Virginia Univ.)

Between topological strings and topological phases Slides Video